Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone who comes to my new blog! 

I am absolutely and completely new to blogging; so you must forgive me if I am doing this all wrong.
(If you have any hints; please do share!! It is absolutely welcomed!!!)

I will try to keep up with my blog postings every day. 

There are a lot of things that I am passionate and obsessed about or with: My religion (Wicca), Cooking and Baking, Make-up, Books, Children, Poetry, Video Games, Lingerie and Sex, and Designing Tattoos. I will go through each one of these topics and describe what I love about each thing.

Religion. I'm Wiccan. I'm a Kitchen Witch. I love cooking. The two go hand-in-hand for me. I am very passionate about my religion just because I am a very spiritual person. I love that Wicca is an earth based religion that is also very spiritual and can make me relaxed when I need to be. 

Cooking and Baking. I love cooking. I love trying new recipes and changing them up to see how they will taste after I fix a couple things if it does not originally taste as good as I hope it would. (I make the best lemon-lime chicken over angel hair pasta). I love to bake as well. I love making cakes, cupcakes, pies. Everything! My favorite cake to bake is crumb cake with home-made crumbs. It always comes out perfectly when I make it. I just recently baked one for Thanksgiving. 

Make-up. What can I say about Make-up? What woman doesn't love make-up? My favorite brands are MAC and Concrete Minerals. I haven't really explored much farther than those two other than generic brands that you find in Wal-Mart and CVS and places like that. But as far as (slightly) expensive goes, MAC and Concrete Minerals have been my favorite so far. The ladies at one of the malls at the MAC counter know be my first name because (when I had the money) I was going there every week to buy new eye shadows. (I wish I will lived there and I had a job to get more make-up. I'm absolutely obsessed with it!!)

Books. I love reading. In a year,  I can go through at least 150 books; if not more. It makes me glad that I have a kindle (as well as the kindle app on my iPhone) so that I don't have a million books all over the place. (I think my fiance would have heart failure if I had over 300 books laying in our room.) I have no limits on the type of books I read; I read everything. From Teen books such as Twilight and Harry Potter to thing such as The Five People You Meet in Heaven. (That book is actually one of my favorite books since it has a lot of life lessons in it).

Children. I absolutely love spending time with my nieces and my fiance's son. I wish there were more hours in the day so that I had time to spend with them. I love watching them grow up and learn new things every day. I have a total of four nieces; one that lives with me, two that live in Georgia, and one that lives in New Jersey. I miss my niece's in Georgia the most because they live the farthest away at 14hours. If I wasn't getting my degree in Business Management; I would totally go back in time to get my degree in Child Development.

Poetry. Both reading and writing. I find poetry as an outlet when I need to get some feelings out that I just can't express out loud in words. I would much rather vent my feelings into poetry than screaming at whoever I am upset about. I feel that it is much more useful to write poetry that I can later read rather than say something to someone that I do not actually mean because I am upset and it forever leave a scar on them.

Video Games.  I love playing video games with my fiance. Lately we have been taking turns playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. We also play Call of Duty together on multi-player. But I love to play Final Fantasy games, Aion (online), Lord of the Rings, Okami, and many many more. I love to be able to get my stress out on video games and killing things because I can just imagine that I am hurting someone who has hurt me in many ways. It makes me feel a lot better and gets my aggression out in a very legal way. :)

Lingerie and Sex. Who doesn't enjoy these things? Lingerie makes you feel sexy and sex makes you feel, well, amazing! I am obsessed with lingerie; I have a whole drawer dedicated to all different types of lingerie: Corsets, Baby Dolls, Chemises, Teddies, everything. I enjoy feeling sexy from time to time (even if the lingerie doesn't stay on that long I still take the time to do my hair and make up and match it up with whatever I plan on wearing). Sex is simply just amazing; all of the different positions and such are just all great to try and experience.

Designing Tattoos.  This is something I am always up and down on; I have to be able to have the inspiration to be able to design my own tattoos. I have designed every single one of the tattoos that are on my body (I have 9). I'm in the process of designing two for my friend and one for my fiance. I love drawing and love designing things that will forever be a part of a body. I love being able to blend colors and shades to make things really pop out and stand out to people. 

So, once again. This is my first ever blog post; and I apologize if I did this completely wrong.

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